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Not offered by FxTopSystem

Ways of contact
If you're being contacted under the name FxTopSystem, it's not me. I never contact you directly in any way, nor do I call or do cold acquisitions, nor do I sell anything. I will only respond if you contact me first. This can be done via the form on this blog.

Furthermore, I do not send any mailings so if you receive mailings that look like it is from FxTopSystem you can delete them immediately.

No courses provided neither Copy trading software
Simply put, I do not sell anything. I do not offer courses, but give you the opportunity to follow me and always try to offer some information in my articles that may be relevant if you are interested in trading yourself, or automated. In any case, that is certainly not enough and you will have to gather the information in other ways and start trading with demo accounts before taking the first step into real trading.

I also do not offer any Copy Trading software to be bought or where you can subscribe to. The only way to copy my trades is by subscribing to one of the websites mentioned on the following page: How to copy my trades.

Offered by FxTopSystem

Copy trading
You can copy my trades and the information about this is available on my blog, see for this the page: How to copy my trades. It is not mandatory to contact me for this. In any case, I will never actively contact you or anything like that to sell or offer anything. The possibility to copy my trades are offered by professional websites who handle everything. They provide their services by subscribing, please check the page: How to copy my trades.

My blog and articles are informative in nature for those who want to be informed about my trading system and also aim to generate interest for those seeking these opportunities. It is also the best way to keep the copy traders of FxTopSystem informed about the developments.

Contact boundaries
This is how far my approach to you goes and I will never approach you directly. For general questions you can always contact me if you wish. I am happy to respond to your questions.

However, it is not the intention to enter into a discussion about the positions adopted and their results.
FxTopSystem is an automated system and therefore I cannot manually enter or close a position.

FxTopSystem has been extensively tested, but past results are no guarantee for the future.

If you copy the system, you are responsible for this choice. I have also invested in this system and have every confidence in it, but that is no guarantee for the future for me either. We all make our own choices and take the risks we think we can bear.

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