10 June 2022

FX Market and introduction of FxTopSystem

Hello readers,

My articles will be based on the development in the FX market and the Automated trading strategy/system called FxTopSystem which trades in the currency market. This way I like to keep anyone involved who is interested for whatever reason. This may be just interest in the FX market or in Automated trading strategies in general or specific in FxTopSystem itself or any other reason.

What can you expect to read in my articles? First of all let me emphasize that the articles will not delve into technical IT details. The articles will go into specific characteristics which may be interesting in the timeframe that the article will tell about. These are of course market circumstances which may also affect the trading of FxTopSystem. I also read articles about the FX market and follow professional bloggers/vloggers to keep myself informed. The idea is to write an article at the beginning of each month looking back to the previous month.

Sometimes I may tell some practical things about e.g. Technical analysis, MetaTrader 4/5 or even Machine learning and AI. I like to share my thoughts about these subjects because it is the core of how FxTopSystem is set up. Just like many of us, I have a job and will probably keep working for a long time. My solutions for challenges may often not be the most advanced because of lack of time and finance. The important thing is that they work and they do!

Someone can ask himself, how much time should you spend on something and at the cost of what else? Using your time properly gives you an edge because you can do more in a day and know how it can be done effectively. A good example is achieving a way to automate your trading if you have a good strategy. Another good example is how to stay well informed on a daily basis about the FX market without spending too much time. I think that anyone interested in the FX market and/or in the FxTopSystem and/or having some technical (IT) skills (or knowing how to explain to a developer what has to be done) can have an advantage by reading my articles.

Before starting with the articles as described I have to explain briefly a bit of history to catch up.

Retrospect of FxTopSystem

The strategy started on October 18 and 6 months have passed on April 18. It is therefore time to look back on the strategy and the results so far.

While the strategy looked promising based on all the thorough pre-testing, the only thing that can show that a strategy really works is putting it into practice.

Without going into too many technical details, the tests were done using the MetaTrader 5 Strategy tester. Both Backward and Forward tests were used. These tests have been done extensively, this has happened automatically. It is therefore not a single Backward and Forward test to arrive at a choice. As indicated, I don't want to delve into the technology and I'll leave it at that.


The results of the first 6 months were 15.30 %. The month of May followed and it was one where risk aversion prevailed. However, it was too weak to trigger trades in the daily chart on my strategy.

I had been planning to align my strategy with the 4 hour chart for a while and have picked it up and successfully completed it. In this way, the strategy has more opportunities to enter into a trade. 

Trading on both the D1 and H4 also improves risk management. The trades on the D1 are entered at the beginning of the month and the H4 in the middle of the month to achieve even better risk diversification.


The month of May ended with a small loss, which was already compensated on the first day of June. It is expected that by having more trades during a month, the negative trades can be crossed out and the monthly result will be positive more often.


At the moment, positions are based on going long in the Yen crosses. This can of course change during the month. The system is now clearly set to Risk-ON. In the daily chart, this will remain the main direction throughout the month. When trading the 4-hour chart, this can sometimes be different due to the shorter term it uses, but the main direction will be the same as the daily chart.

The key positions currently open in the strategy are: NZDJPY, AUDJPY, EURJPY, GBPJPY, USDJPY and these are all long positions.


The NZDJPY is the best performer until now in the FxTopSystem. See results in the barchart.

The Expert Advisors for this pair goes long and short and during the period there were more long opportunities.

I hope you liked this article, this is it for now. There is a lot to tell so there is enough for the next time. If you have any questions and I can answer them I will do so in the next article.

For more information about the development of FxTopSystem you can check the link to the MyFxBook profile page or click here or just send me a message. I wish you a happy trading in the month of June.


This article is my personal opinion, not recommendations, FX trading is risky and not suitable for everyone. The content is for educational purposes only and is aimed solely for the use by ‘experienced’ traders in the FOREX market as the contents are intended to be understood by professional users who are fully aware of the inherent risks in forex trading. The content is for 'Forex Trading Journal' purposes only. Nothing should be construed as a recommendation to purchase any financial instruments. The choice and risk are always yours.

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