How to copy my trades


Darwinex is offering a professional platform with the possibility to subscribe and copy my strategy.
The trades can be copied through the strategy at Darwinex called FxStableProfits with the 3 letter ticker "FSP". Click here for more information. A lot of information about my strategy can also be found here: DarwinIA: FSP

Trading this strategy with Darwinex offers a lot of advantages to traders and makes sure it complies to the Value at Risk (VaR) of 6.5% with a 95%  confidence level.

For more information please check: the Darwinex help by clicking here and for more detailed information about metrics etc. check "World of Darwinex" by clicking here.


Please read the information on Darwinex carefully before you start copying. Of course you will find other systems there that you can copy. It may be difficult to choose, but the reason you visit my blog is because it regularly contains relevant information about FxTopSystem and the underlying Darwin FSP

This is a free service that is offered so that you are aware of the developments, a pleasant thought when you put your money in the hands of others.

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